Winglights 360 fixed -USB rechargeable - Direction indicators + front + rear light

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Direction indicators for cyclists

NEW: Fixed Wing Lights 360

In order to tackle the problem of dangerous overtaking, realized the CYCL team that it was necessary to constantly improve the position of cyclists the highlight off.

After months of thorough testing we are back on Kickstarter with our latest contribution to cycling safety. Welcome WingLights360!

The difference with the previous versions of the wing lights (pop-fixed-magnetique) is that, in addition to the function of the lights, now permanently white light (at the front) and a red light (at the rear) lights.

the underlying traffic immediately see the width you take cyclists through the triangle formed between your rear and the two wing lights.
< br /> Create your front the same effect with your light and white lights light wing. Thus, 360 ° visibility!

This version of the Wing Lights 360 °, the "fixed verzie, which means that they can not be removed and thus remain permanently mounted on the bicycle.

Battery replacement is no longer necessary because this version is USB rechargeable.

Problem Since 68% of the view that it is too dangerous non-cyclists (UK) for the road cycling, bicycle safety is now more than ever a key issue.

Everyone knows the feeling of a car that just missed you by shaving because the width you as a cyclist taking not always correctly estimate. Thanks sidelights of the wing light 360 ° make the motorist now clear how much space you need.

While traditional front and rear emphasize the presence of cyclists, they give no idea of the breadth of the bicycle, which directors can assess the exact position of the cyclist.

Bicycle with confidence thanks to W ingLights360!

manuals By holding their button, the permanent light function is activated WingLights360s, with white (front) and red (rear) LEDs that emphasize the size of the rider.

With one tap transform them into indicators and inform other road users about the intentions of the rider with orange flashing LEDs.

WingLights360 offer drivers the visibility and encourage drivers to a maintain a safe distance.

the idea of white (front) and red (rear) lights to use the end of the handlebar to communicate the exact dimensions of the bike is based on the concept of 'position lights' that exists to make vehicles more visible

Water.; IP67 waterproof
Riding in the rain is no problem!

shockproof No matter how many times you drop your bike (or your Wing Lights with colleagues throws ), the CNC aluminum construction will keep them in good condition.

rechargeable USB Charge & GO!

Since the launch of the first Wing Lights we received requests USB rechargeable version. We have heard that the WingLights360 comes with a micro-USB cable that within 30 minutes can be fully charged!

Reliable Battery Life

Our daily living to work out without worrying that you are stuck in the dark, each charge provides 3 hours of visibility in continuous light mode (more flashing!)

screw-locking system

to your Wing lights hold it in place, regardless of terrain, we have added a screw cap to strengthen the magnets that attract Wing Lights in the control containers.

Smart design Slick, black and beautiful. WingLights360 are made of durable, high quality materials. Transparent plastic lenses ensure optimum light distribution. The installation is simple and the carbine hook clamp allows for easy removal.

Thanks to a rubber hose, which goes on and a bolt while tightening the nut, the rubber will be broader in width until you find the right fit for steering wheel you

Fits control all dimensions of the straight (14.7 mm - 23 mm)


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