Twin Tech Wash/TXDirect 1 Litre - impregnating agent - detergent - 2pack

Brand: Nikwax
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Nikwax 2-pack with detergent (Tech Wash) and impregnating agent (TX.Direct) for water-repellent textiles (2x 1000ml). Cleans and revitalizes clothing. With this value pack from Nikwax, you can safely wash and impregnate your water-repellent clothing, including skiwear, raincoats and outdoor clothing.

Nikwax Tech Wash
A technical detergent for water-repellent textiles that removes dirt and residues left behind by 'conventional' detergents. It revitalises both water-repellency and breathability.

Provides superior cleaning, even at 30ºC
Freshens and removes unpleasant odors
Revitalizes breathability
Restores water repellency to all water repellent textiles such as sportswear, outdoor clothing, etc.
Removes residues from regular detergents
Impregnating agent to be used for water-repellent clothing. High quality and safe impregnation

Easy and fast for home use in the washing machine.
Renews the water repellency of synthetic materials
Maintains breathability and does not affect it.
Water-based, non-flammable and fluocarbon free.
Complete water repellency without using the clothes dryer.
Suitable for all membranes (Gore-Tex, Sympatex, Event, Dermizax, etc.)

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