Torch T2 - Bicycle helmet with integrated front and rear light - Green

Brand: Pro X elements
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Torch T2 helmet with built-in front and rear lights
helmet and light, two birds with one blow.
Cyclists are vulnerable and can better protect their heads well and make sure they are properly considered.

the Torch T2 turn two birds with one blow.
the two built-in lights do not only front and rear visible, but also give excellent lateral visibility.
Another advantage is that you are never without a helmet or light off.

CPSC, CE certified

In-mold construction 10 integrated LED lighting
Rechargeable batteries (1, 5 hours with the supplied USB cable)
4 different light functions like flash and constantly

battery indicator up to 6 hours of battery life on silent or 36 hours on flash
Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses
weight / 360 g
8 vents, indoor air ventilation
easy and well-fittable to make by means of the adjusting knob achte rop helmet
2 fitpads to the helmet completely fittable to your liking
Fits 54-61 cm


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