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This "brushed" legging is made of Italian high quality yarn and is suitable to wear in cold weather conditions.Made in Italy.
This is NOT a cheap polyester fiber that leaves annoying perspiration odors.
This manufacturer has produced thermal underwear for almost all renowned brands.
- running
- drawing
- underwear for skiing
- outdoor sports
From now on, they offer their products directly to the end consumer under their own brand name.
What's more, they have developed two patented techniques that they only use for their own brand, i.e. I-band and I-soft.
I-SOFT is the Norman Srl patent that revolutionizes the use of technical fibers to create seamless items. Applied to any kind of fabric, it does not change the technical and functional characteristics, but gives the item warmth, softness and texture similar to natural fabrics.

I-SOFT is a specific treatment that modifies the textile fibre to which the treatment is applied, adding a warming effect. It improves:

- Thermoregulation

- Humidity removal

- Breathability

- Thermo-insulation

I-SOFT creates an insulating and thermoregulating barrier that maintains unchanged body temperature and humidity during physical activity.

- Softness, warmth and comfort on the skin
- Possible application on any type of substance

- Unchanged versions anytime, anywhere

- Are resistant to washing and frequent use

To ensure the best result and functional insulation, I-SOFT should be applied to the internal part of the article, in close contact with the body.

I-BAND is the innovative finish patented by Norman Srl which, instead of the usual waistband, redistributes the fabric in a more performant way, improving the adhesion of seamless items. By applying I-BAND, it is possible to adjust the amount of fabric used to make the front or back of the item.

The application of I-BAND makes it possible to completely redistribute the structure of the tubular item, while maintaining its characteristics, design and portability.

Improved performance
Applicable to any type of substance
Better portability
Keeps its shape even after frequent washing

Size: S/M = Waist 34-38 and L/XL = Waist 38-44".

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