Reflective tape Class I: red-white pattern - 5 cm width - 300 cm length

Brand: WRM
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High quality and strong adhesive class I reflective tape.

The reflective self-adhesive film reflects incident light in the dark and at night. The tape can be attached to anything. Bicycle, trailer, plastic material,...

  • Contents: 1 roll with red / white pattern
  • Dimensions per roll: 5cm wide and 300cm long
  • The surface of the film consists of a hexagonal honeycomb pattern. Visually, the film appears three-dimensional. This results in the good properties such as waterproof, long life, strong reflective effect and good adhesion.
  • Our reflective film helps you to recognize the shapes of objects better and faster, thus preventing accidents.
  • Because of the good adhesive properties, different adhesive tapes can be combined with each other. Resistant to tearing.

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