Nikwax TX Direct - impregnation agent - 5 liters

Brand: 3M
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Nikwax TX Direct Wash-In 5 liters Waterproofing Maintenance.


Provides long-term water repellency and restores breathability.

Easy to apply using washing machine or hand wash.

Does not affect the appearance

Environmentally friendly

Suitable for: Breathable and synthetic water resistant clothing

Recommended by a.o: Gore-Tex, eVENT, SympaTex, Permatex, Nikwax Analogy

For best results, wash clothing first with Nikwax Techwash!

Contents: 1000 ml.

TX Direct Wash In - 1000ml

Easy to use, safe and high performance wash in product for waterproofing clothing for wet weather. Makes clothing long-lasting water repellent and restores breathability - in the washing machine.


Nikwax is a manufacturer of the highest quality cleaning and impregnation products. The products prolong the life and increase the waterproof performance of clothing, footwear and equipment.

When you treat your clothing or equipment with Nikwax TX Direct wash-in, you can be confident that your Nikwax product:

Is easy to use .

Can be applied to wet fabric.

Will not harm the fabric it is used on.

Enhances and/or restores the product specific properties of the product being treated.

Does not contain propellants and fluorocarbons.

Does not burn and is therefore not dangerous.

Is biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly.

Is not tested on animals.

Extend the life of your clothing and equipment.

Proper maintenance of your clothing and equipment extends its life.

All impregnated products, whether clothing or equipment, lose their water repellent properties over time, causing you to feel cold and/or wet. By properly maintaining your clothing and equipment, you can prevent this from happening. Proper cleaning, conditioning and/or (re-)impregnating your clothing extends its life and keeps its protective qualities optimal.

When should you treat your clothing or equipment with a Nikwax treatment?

An ideal way to test the waterproofness of your gear is to check if water is beading off it. If small drops form, the material is waterproof and repels water. If it does not bead and the moisture disappears into the fabric, you will see dark spots where water has penetrated the material. This is a sign that the fabric is no longer waterproof and therefore requires a Nikwax treatment.

How to use Nikwax

Treating your clothing and/or equipment with one of the Nikwax products is very simple. It can be done in the washing machine, by hand washing, or by spraying Nikwax on the product to be protected. Please refer to the specification and text above to find out what you can use the product for. Always read the instructions on the packaging before use.

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