Nikwax Tech Wash 5 liters

Brand: 3M
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Large 5 liter canister of Tech wash.
Cleans, revitalises breathability and water repellency of clothing. This Nikwax Advantage Kit safely washes your water-repellent clothing including skiwear, raincoats and outdoor clothing. Then you can very simply impregnate the skiwear with Nikwax TX. DIRECT. Your clothing will be clean and water-repellent again. The Nikwax Tech Wash is milder than a regular detergent, therefore the breathability and water repellency of the garment remain intact. After washing, you can easily and simply impregnate your skiwear with the Nikwax TX. DIRECT. 
There you go, your outfits are clean and water-repellent again! Nikwax Tech Wash is milder than a conventional detergent and therefore better protects the breathability and water-repellency of your clothing. In addition, Nikwax TX. DIRECT was especially designed to renew the protective layer on your clothing so that the water droplets no longer have a chance to re-appear. You will notice that after using Nikwax TX. DIRECT water will remain on your clothing and simply roll off in drops. In short, you will enjoy your water repellent gear even longer with Nikwax products!

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