MyPad - BASIC - 3 pieces

Brand: Rosie's Discoveries

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The MyPad is a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to washable pads and incontinence pads.
 Organic cotton + bamboo 
вњ” Feels fresh
вњ” Eco-friendly
Slight blood loss 
Moisture separation
Slight leakage of urine

For daily use
Medium to heavy blood or urine loss

For night use
Light to heavy blood or urine loss


вњ” They feel soft to the touch
вњ” Do not irritate
вњ” You can easily wash them at 40 degrees Celsius with the regular washing.
вњ” You can tie them up so they don't move.
вњ” after use you can fold them up and tie them down so you can easily take them with you (you also get a nice waterproof bag to transport them in).
вњ” You support a charity with every purchase! 
How it works

вћЎ Easy to take with you folded + in its bag

вћЎ Use as a classic pad: close with button

вћЎ  Simply wash with normal clothes 

вћЎ Store in cotton bag so they can breathe
Feel free to contact us with questions about which size to choose.

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