Coffee Capsule Holder - Beans

Brand: KarTent
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Size : 31 x 31 x 2 cm


A cardboard and sustainable Coffee Cup Holder, perfect as a circular eyecatcher in your interior!

Sometimes, you want to make sure that your guests know youÐÐвЂÐÐІÐ‚С™ÐÐâ€ÐІÐ‚С›ÐЎС›re not serving them any kind of coffee - Oh no, itÐÐвЂÐÐІÐ‚С™ÐÐâ€ÐІÐ‚С›ÐЎС›s way better than that. After an afternoon stroll to get new coffee cups for your Nespresso machine, what is worse than having to store those colorful cups in the kitchen drawers?! 

This Cardboard Cupholder will make sure that all the shine, glitter and glamour of the coffee cups endorse your kitchen in the best way imaginable. In this way, you can show your guests how environmentally conscious you are - despite those plastic coffee cups.

  • Orderly store your Nespresso cups
  • Circular eye-catcher
  • Made of 100% KarTent


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