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Aesthetic grades at Casephone
You may have noticed that our products are offered in different aesthetic grades. What exactly do they represent? We offer you this little guide to help you better understand what they mean. It will help you greatly when you place your order for a refurbished iPhone at Casephone! We operate with 3 aesthetic grades in order to differentiate cosmetic quality. Therefore, we insist on the fact that no matter the grade of the reconditioned iPhone, it has no impact on these features. All our used smartphones are fully functional. You will find the reconditioning process further down on this page.

Used iPhone "Very Good Condition"
This grade is the best in terms of aesthetics for our products. A reconditioned iPhone with grade A is a second-hand smartphone in very good cosmetic condition, close to new. Usually the screen has no scratches, it may present some micro-scratches totally invisible unless you inspect the phone with a magnifying glass. As far as the shell and the contour of the phone are concerned, they do not present any blows or scratches. Microscratches may also appear but are not visible. This kind of reconditioned mobile phone can be an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or other occasions. All our products work properly and have no defective parts.
Used IPhone "Good condition"

Grade B is an intermediate grade to grade A and C. A cheap iPhone whose grade has been estimated B is a used iPhone whose aesthetic condition is generally in good condition. We are not in the case of a new smartphone but a phone that may have a few micro scratches on the screen that will not be visible once it is turned on. The back and the contour of the phone may also have a few scratches, but these are minimal and are not visible more than 20 centimetres from the reconditioned product. A reconditioned B-grade iPhone is a very good phone in terms of price/performance ratio if you want to treat yourself and buy a good second-hand product. In addition, if we are out of stock of the desired model in grade B, we will naturally send you a grade A product. Interesting isn't it? All our products work properly and have no defective parts.

Used IPhone " Correct condition"
Don't think you'll find broken smartphones in this grade! Far from it, this grade represents phones being a little more worn out than previous grades. Taking your phone out of your pocket 100 times in a day, it wears out over time! That's why our reconditioned C-grade smartphones have scratches on the screen. As for the back of the mobile and its contours, it is more damaged and present some visible scratches/shocks more than 20 cm from the product. But you know what? With a shell on the back and a tempered glass on the screen, you'll see nothing but fire! This kind of product is ideal if you're not a maniac and you're not afraid to take your reconditioned iPhone out of your pocket a hundred times to write a text message or make a phone call. All our products work properly and have no defective parts.

Reconditioning of our products

All of our reconditioned iPhones are checked by our mobile reconditioning experts in specialized workshops before being released for sale. The aim is to offer our customers a higher level of quality than new products. Why superior? Because our expertise doesn't stop at checking and reselling used smartphones. We offer a follow-up to our customers that allows us to answer their questions at any time. We are easily reachable by phone, sms, email or even by Facebook.
The reconditioning process of our reconditioned iPhones automatically includes a complete diagnosis of the iPhone by testing more than 30 functionalities. In the event of a minor failure, the defective parts that could create this failure are automatically replaced with genuine Apple parts. The used smartphone also gets a thorough cleaning and a complete cosmetic inspection to set an aesthetic grade. All our reconditioned iPhones are checked and tested by our specialists based in Belgium.

Buying a reconditioned product rather than a new one gives used iPhones a second life. It also helps fight global warming. Extensive tests are carried out on each of the batteries in our products to ensure a charge capacity of at least 80% of the original charge capacity. This ensures that our customers get a product with a good quality battery, which still has a bright future ahead of it. Otherwise, batteries that are too worn out are replaced by new certified ones.
All of our reconditioned iPhones are tested on more than 30 features:
  • Buttons
  • Screen Touch
  • LCD display
  • Front / Rear Camera
  • Flash
  • Touch ID / Force Touch
  • Headset
  • Loudspeaker
  • Network - 3G/4G
  • Incoming/Outgoing call

  • Battery
  • SIM card
  • Oxidation
  • Loading dock
  • Port Jack
  • Bluetooth
  • Free Icloud
  • Free Operator
  • IMEI
  • Vib 

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