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Ecocheques are intended to finance the acquisition of ecological products and services.
They are a small supplement granted to the worker, a benefit exempt from payroll taxes, which the employee benefits without tax.

Why the ecocheques?

Ecocheques to boost green economy

Ecocheques are a small supplement granted to the worker to acquire ecological products and services. As an employee, you benefit from this tax-free benefit: it is exempt from payroll taxes.

Since 2008, the social partners have encouraged employers to grant their employees these ecocheques (current amount: 250 € per year, to be used over two years), with the stated objective of increasing purchasing power by stimulating the green economy, ie the purchase of sustainable, environmentally friendly products in the field of energy saving, water saving, promotion for sustainable mobility, waste and, more broadly, the "promotion of attention for nature".

"More than 80,000 companies have benefited their employees in 2018, ie 1.7 million employees (up 10% compared to 2017). The issue volume in 2018 was 256 million € (an increase of 15% compared with 2018)."

Yet these ecocheques continue not to be unanimous. tries to answer this problem by proposing a multitude of organic, ecological and sustainable products.

For which products?

Do ecocheques concern a limited list of products?

They do not seem to meet the wishes of all workers, especially those under thirty, those living with their parents; not that these young people are not sensitive to the environmental problem, but the answer to their daily concerns, however eco-responsible, is not on the list of products and services that can be obtained in exchange ecocheques.

We are told that the best-selling products through ecocheques are economic light bulbs, rechargeable batteries, plants and everything that rotates around the bike ... And what do we do once its basket of light bulbs and batteries is filled, when you have everything you need for your bike, you already bought three shower heads and you have a train pass?
Shopingreen was created to answer this question. With your ecocheques, you can buy a multitude of ecological products that are listed on this site.

Find your Green Product from a wide selection.

Find your green product

Find the green product you want from a wide selection!

Today, you can acquire many green products with your ecocheques. You can finance the purchase of a refrigerator, a freezer, a dryer, your heating costs, the installation of a particle filter at the garage or the purchase of an electric scooter.

To help you find your way around these many possibilities, the product categories on the Shopingreen website (sustainable mobility, home and garden and organic food) allow you to find directly the product you are looking for.

And if you do not have a clear idea in mind, we invite you to read the articles of the blog to inspire you.

Do you still have questions about ecocheques?

Do not hesitate to consult our FAQ!