FLORAL WATER - Orange blossom

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Orange blossom floral water is soothing and softening, but also invigorating and regenerating. It is suitable for all skin types, even the youngest, and can also be used on hair.

Fruit of the bitter orange tree, a thorny shrub brought back from the East during the Crusades, orange blossom has been used in cosmetics since the Renaissance. It is also called neroli, and its tree is called bitter orange tree.
This flower is known for its soothing properties, properties found in floral water, obtained by steam distillation.
Soothing, but also soothing, orange blossom floral water refreshes and tones the skin. It also leaves a very pleasant fragrance. Regenerating, it takes great care of dry, tired, delicate or irritated skin. It is also suitable for babies' skins, which it soothes and refreshes. On the other hand, it is also a friend of mature skin, which it regenerates and firms.

Orange flower floral water is applied as a spray on the body and face, or as a lotion, with a cotton pad on dry areas and redness. You can also add a few drops to your usual day cream. This floral water brings its benefits to all skin types, if only to give your face a radiant complexion.

Content: 200 ml


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