Sustainable Cardboard Stool Bench

Brand: KarTent
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Size : 80 x 45 x 45 cm


This cardboard has been given a second life as an eco-friendly stool bench! Perfect in the nursery as a children's chair, in the living room or as decoration!

At first, it was a KarTent, a cardboard festival tent, which is designed to counteract the crazy amounts of plastic tents which are left behind.

Now itÐÐвЂÐÐІÐ‚С™ÐÐâ€ÐІÐ‚С›ÐЎС›s getting a second, quieter life! But donÐÐвЂÐÐІÐ‚С™ÐÐâ€ÐІÐ‚С›ÐЎС›t underestimate your new stool: KarTents are made from really high-quality cardboard, so this fella wonÐÐвЂÐÐІÐ‚С™ÐÐâ€ÐІÐ‚С›ÐЎС›t let you down! 


  • Eco-friendly solution for unexpected guests, kids or at events!
  • Easy to set-up
  • Comes without gluten, 100% upcycled


Please note: This product is made from old KarTents and can therefore contain traces of colours and creativity. For larger quantities please email us :)



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