The Green Cup model Teenager V (extra small)

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De Groene Cup - The Green Cup - a menstrual cup

The benefits of De Groene Cup at a glance:

● Reusable

● Environmentally friendly

● Does not leak

● You’ll not feel it inside you. Therefore it gives a lot of

freedom of movement.

● Nice to sport with. Also swimming!

● Hygienic

● Cheaper than disposables

● Lasts a long time

● The Green Cup donates to the GulaGula food forest


De Groene Cup is the first reusable menstrual cup from the Netherlands.

De Groene Cup is 100% safe to use and made of medical certified silicone from Germany.

She is available in 5 models. For most menstruators, Model I and Model II are best suited.

Model III is the one size fits all, good to start with if there is a doubt.

Model IV is our medium low cervix, it’s much shorter than Model III.

And Model V is the extra small size with a long stem especially for teenagers.


What exactly is a menstrual cup?

This menstrual cup from De Groene Cup is a flexible cup of certified silicone, a kind of inverted cup that you wear internally.

So like a tampon. With the difference that the menstrual blood is not absorbed, but collected. There are two types of cups:

reusable cups and disposable cups. The De Groene Cup is a reusable cup. You can clean this reusable cup in between and then

reinsert it.

With one De Groene Cup you can manage your entire period. And if you use and care for it well, it will sometimes last up to ten


Menstrual cups do not absorb and are therefore much healthier than regular tampons. In addition to all other benefits, many

women also experience shorter and less heavy periods. A menstrual cup once inserted can accommodate about 20 ml of

menstrual flow. During normal menstruation, an average of 30 - 60 ml of blood / fluid is released. The De Groene Cup can be

held for 10 to 12 hours at a time before it can be emptied, cleaned and reinserted. We therefore recommend that you empty

your reusable menstrual cup about 2 to 3 times a day.


How to insert De Groene Cup

When you have never seen a menstrual cup, then you may be shocked by the shape and how it should fit inside your body. But

actually that is not necessary at all. The menstrual cup is made of medical silicone and therefore it’s soft, flexible and adapts

easily to your body. And in your body is enough space for a menstrual cup. It is important to know that if you are well

acquainted with your own body and are confident that you can insert the De Groene Cup and take it out later, you can relax

more. The code word for easy cup use is: Relax! and the rest will - almost - go automatically.


There are quite a few folding methods, but they all come down to the same thing: making the top of the "cup" as small as

possible to facilitate insertion. The most preferred option is the C: double-fold lengthwise and then double-fold again. You

can insert the cup moist or dry. It's a matter of trying out what suits you best.


Take your time. Inserting a menstrual cup takes a little longer than inserting a tampon. You will reclaim that time later; after

all, you don't have to change yourself as often.

Closer to yourself with more insight into your menstrual cycle and how much you flow

Using the De Groene Cup gives you insight into how much menstrual blood you lose during your period. This makes girls,

women and other menstruators more aware of their periods and cycle. This insight reveals any deviations and irregularities



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