The Green Cup pelvic floor trainer

Brand: De Groene Cup
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The Green Cup pelvic floor trainer
For cone exercises and healthy pelvic floor exercises with a pelvic floor trainer help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles again, which is important for proper support of your uterus, bladder (stress incontinence), intestines and rectum. Doing cone exercises can also give you several benefits during lovemaking; your orgasms become more intense and last longer. Sensitivity and experience during lovemaking can improve for both of you.

Use in combination with The Green Cup

The pelvic floor trainer also has benefits for when you use The Green Cup menstrual cup, and especially if you use the cup after childbirth. This is because you use your pelvic floor muscles when inserting and removing the menstrual cup. Strong pelvic floor muscles keep the menstrual cup in place during use without you feeling it. Removing the Green Cup is also easier because you can use your pelvic floor muscles to push the Green Cup down.

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