Solar Lighter Suncase Gear ® - Black

Brand: Solar Brother

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Weight : 12g
Product size : 30 x 70 x 20 mm
Material : ABS, S-Reflect mirror
Colors : Red, Yellow, Green, White, Black


Your first experience of the solar energy which holds in the pocket.

The SUNCASE solar lighter spreads its wings and concentrates the sun’s rays in a focal point for ignition in 3 seconds: wood, brown paper, tobacco, incense (…).
Its case gives wings to your lighter for 24 hour ignition and extends its life.
Ultralight (12gr) and compact, it slips into your pocket and can be taken everywhere.
Waterproof & windproof, the SUNCASE is the essential team member.

Solar Fire Starter Suncase Gear

The Suncase Gear is an ultra-compact solar fire starter. It concentrates the sun’s rays at a focal point for immediate incandescent ignition. Equipped with an extendable clamp, it adapts to all types of fuels: wood, brown paper, tobacco, incense (…) and start barbecues as campfires.

With 100% free energy available all over the world, the Suncase Gear offers total autonomy and lifetime use. Its design allows the integration of a gas lighter for dual-energy 24-hour ignition and a waterproof survival capsule.

Waterproof, designed with unbreakable mirrors and working even in very cold weather, the Suncase Gear is all terrain. Ultra-compact, it fits in your pocket and can be taken everywhere.


Efficient and immediate ignition
The Suncase Gear uses concentrated solar technology to achieve high temperatures instantly by concentrating the sun’s rays at a focal point. A true pocket-sized solar concentrator, the Suncase Gear is designed with high reflectivity parabolic mirrors. With a temperature of up to 400 ° C at the focal point, it immediately ignites all types of fuels by incandescent.

The Suncase Gear ignites any type of fuel: wood, brown paper, tinder, tobacco, incense, straw, twig, charcoal, cardboard, (…). Equipped with an extendable metal clamp (x2), it adapts to all types of fuels and lights barbecues as campfires.

Sustainable and ecological
The Suncase Gear runs on solar energy, an energy available all over the planet! Neither batteries, nor electricity, this 100% free energy allows total autonomy and use of the Suncase Gear for life. Made from 70% recycled material, the Suncase Gear is a durable and environmentally friendly fire starter.
All Terrain
The Suncase Gear is equipped with soft, shatterproof mirrors for off-road use. Water and wind resistant (Windproof and Waterproof) it can be used on land as well as at sea.

Its tapered and ergonomic shape gives it an excellent grip. Ultra-compact with its retractable wings, it slips into the pocket and can be taken everywhere.

Dual Energy
The Suncase Gear is the 1st fire starter that offers the dual-energy solar and gas experience. Its Design allows the integration of a gas lighter for 24 hour ignition in all weathers. It is compatible with BICmini (c) J25 lighters and equivalent formats (62x21x11cm).
  • Unit weight product alone: 12g
  • Unit weight with packaging: 37g
  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 7 x 2 cm
  • Packaging dimensions: 8 x 14 x 2.5 cm
  • Materials: Recycled ABS, Recycled Polycarbonate, S-ReflecT © Mirror
  • French conception and design
  • Made In France
  • REF : SCG


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