Wormbox, Entry Level Model - Green

Brand: Balkonton

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Compost rings : 3


This wormbox consists of a stack of 3 composting rings, with underneath a container for the released moisture.

The upper ring of the worm hotel can be closed with a plant ring or with a lid.

Put compost worms in the upper ring. The worms are fed with uncooked fruit and vegetable residues. Close each layer with a layer of torn cardboard. The worms also love coffee mugs.

When the first ring of the worm hotel is full, fill the next ring with waste. The worms crawl through the holes in the bottom towards the food. When the last ring is full, the first ring is composted. Empty this ring and put it back on top to fill it.

You can drain the water through a tap. You dilute it with water and give it to your plants.

Diameter: 46 cm, height 51 cm (with 3 compostrings).

The capacity is sufficient for a 1 to 2 person household or small family. You can always expand it later with extra compostrings or a plant cover.

This worm hotel is a handy little round worm bowl that also looks good. Not an ugly stack of crates, but a nice addition to your balcony!

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